Who should read this book?

  • All members of the adoption triad
  • Anyone in relation to them
  • All professions working with triad members
  • Anyone who feels he or she is living an unauthentic life

What you will learn:

  • The role of trauma in our lives
  • How trauma affects our neurological system
  • How the fearful child may be ruling our lives
  • How the meaning we give to events determine our beliefs
  • How beliefs control our feelings, attitudes, and behavior
  • How to uncover the authentic Self
  • How to gain power by becoming accountable
  • How to improve relationships
  • How to improve reunions
  • How to better parent our children
  • What professionals need to know to help triad members and those who love them

Although written with adult adoptees in mind, Coming Home to Self is a book that can help anyone who has had early childhood trauma or who feels as if he or she is living an unauthentic life. It is a book about becoming aware of the reasons for certain attitudes and behaviors. From understanding basic trauma and the neurological consequences of trauma to step by step ways to heal from that trauma, Coming Home to Self, by helping readers discover a more authentic self, take responsibility for that self, and discover one’s own personal spiritual path, will contribute to the well-being of people suffering from a variety of wounds. Carol Schaefer, author of The Other Mother, writes: “With enormous compassion and caring and exceptional knowledge and insight, Verrier reveals not only how to finally heal but also how to actually be better for the journey. Most highly recommended.” If being more authentic and powerful is your goal, this is the book for you. Coming Home to Self is available in French and British.

Buy the Book

Coming Home to Self is available at book stores everywhere. If the store near you doesn’t have the book, the store can get it quickly, as it is distributed by Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

It is also available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble