The Primal Wound

The Primal Wound is a seminal work which revolutionizes the way we think about adoption. It describes and clarifies the effects of separating babies from their birth mothers as a primal loss which affects the relationships of the adopted person throughout life.


Nancy Verrier

Nancy Verrier is an adoptive mother and an LMFT who specializes in working with all members of the adoption community. She has written two books on the
subject of adoption, one of which is the most widely-read adoption book in the country. It has also been translated into several languages.

I am considered an expert in the subject and highly respected as a speaker who lectures and presents workshops which reflect the issues of relinquishment and adoption. I am giving you this information
because I want you to know that I have a good understanding of what goes on in the hearts
and minds of adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents.

Healing the Primal Wound

Coming Home to Self

Although written with adopted children and adult adoptees in mind, Coming Home to Self is a book that can help anyone who has experienced an early childhood trauma or feels the need to re-examine their life and who they are.